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Match the words in the left-hand column with
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1. eudemonia......... A. Well-deserved, appropriate

2. condign.............. B. Jerky, twitching
3. soupcon............. C. A weak-willed, timid, or ineffectual person
4. bacchanalia....... D. Meditative
5. nebbish............. E. A very small amount
6. objurgate.......... F. A state of happiness and well-being
7. cogitabund........ G. Rude; uncultured
8. incult................. H. A riotous, boisterous, or drunken festivity
9. illation............... I. To express strong disapproval of
10. saccadic.......... J. An inference or conclusion drawn


Watch stadiums, bridges and hotels destruct in slow motion.
You've got to check this Web site out--it's a blast.
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For years a UNC grad lived on the border of Virginia & N.C.
and never knew what state he actually lived in.

Finally an official surveyor came to the farm to determine his

"Sir, it turns out that you live in North Carolina."

"Whew." the UNC grad sighed.

"Why so relieved?" the confused surveyor asked.

"No more Virginia winters,". came the grad's reply.
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Nostalgia Central:
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In Ramadan 2004, the 27th issue of Sawt Al-Jihad, an internet journal
affiliated with Al Qaeda in Saudi Arabia, included articles devoted to jihad
during Ramadan. The opening editorial stated: "Muslims! Go out to [fight]
Jihad for the sake of Allah! Paradise has already flung open its gates and
the virgins of paradise are already decked out in anticipation of their
grooms.... You should at the very least pray for your brothers the Jihad
fighters, who gave their revenge for the pride of the Muslim
nation that was wounded by the cross bearers and...Jews."

In reference to bombings in Taba, Egypt, that killed 32 Israelis, he
explained: "We pray for the Jihad fighters [who]...attacked a hotel in which
Jews were gathered and killed dozens of them as an offering to Allah before
Ramadan. We ask of Allah that he not deny them [their] reward..." He
concluded by stating: "This month of Jihad has come with all its
blessings.... Come closer to Allah through the blood of infidels, do not
relent in spilling [their blood], and through [this blood] wipe out
humiliation and disgrace from among your Muslim nation! Make this month like
the month of the Battle of Badr, the conquest of Mecca, [the conquest] of
Shaqhab, and other Islamic victories. We ask Allah to turn this Ramadan into
a month of glory, victory, and might, to hoist high in [this month] the
banner of religion, to strengthen Islam and the Muslims, to humiliate
polytheism and polytheists, to wave the banner of monotheism, to firmly
plant the banner of Jihad, and to smite the perverts..."
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Muslims and Jews share common fate!

By: Stephen Yulish

Editor’s Note: Stephen was raised Jewish and came to a saving knowledge of Jesus later in life. As such, he carries a unique perspective, and one often overlooked by the Christian community. Both these people-groups need a personal relationship with Jesus, as do all of those who are lost and dying in their sins. (John Terry ~ REVFILES)

Much has been said and written of late concerning the fate of the Jewish people in Israel. With all the violent jihadist talk of the Muslims that surround them and are in the midst of them many people are concerned. Hamas has apparently obtained control of the Palestinian authority and refuses to lay down their arms or recognize the state of Israel. The leader of Iran calls for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people in the name of Allah. While it is easy for us as followers of Jesus Christ to empathize with the fate of God's first born chosen people (even though God says He will bless them that bless them and curse them that curse them, Genesis 12:3), it is also important for us all to remember that both the Muslims as well as the Jews need Jesus Christ or they will continue to fight each other forever eternally separated from the one and only true God.

I have a Lebanese Muslim friend who now teaches at a local college. He is a brilliant young man who likes American Jews who he has studied with and shares research assignments with, but he hates Israel. We argue for hours but there is never a resolution. When I tell him that God gave that land to the Jewish people, he scoffs. He says that Abraham made his covenant with Ishmael. He says that that land is holy to Islam and it is affront to have a Jewish presence in the third holist site in Islam. When I state that Jerusalem is not even mentioned in the Koran he says that it is. When I say that Allah is not Jehovah but a pagan moon god he gets riled. When I say that the Koran says that Allah has no son, he agrees, but he still thinks we have the same god.

We go in circles. One day I told him that in spite of my support for the Jewish people in Israel and his support for Hamas and Islam, both of our peoples were going to hell without Jesus. I told him that hell was going to be him locked in a closet with an Israeli (Jew) for eternity. That comment touched him more than any rational or biblical argument that I had tried to muster over the years. He looked at me with his mouth open and a wild-eyed look on his face. We all have to remember that only Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will be able to bring peace to that region. Both Judaism as well as Islam are works oriented religions that believe that a person's good deeds must outweigh their bad deeds, but ironically in both cases, only God or Allah ultimately decides who enters heaven or goes to hell. There is no blessed assurance of salvation as there is to all who believe in Jesus Christ like there is in Christianity.

According to the Talmud (B'rakhot 28b), even Rabbi Yochanan Ben-Zakkai, one of the greatest rabbis in Jewish history, who after the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD, convened the Yavneh Council to determine the future of Judasim, did not know where he was going when he died. He prayed, was kosher, and was pious more than anyone else and still he did not know.

"Now I am being led before the supreme King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He who lives and endures forever. If He is angry with me, He is angry forever. If He imprisons me, He imprisons me forever. If He puts me to death, he puts me to death forever. I can't persuade Him with words or bribe Him with money. Moreover, there are two ways ahead of me-one leads to Gan-Eden (Paradise-Heaven) and one leads to Gay-Hinnom (Hell) and I do not know which one will take me. How can I do anything but weep?"

Thus while Jews are mandated to do good works, even the most righteous of rabbis, did not know on his deathbed if he would go to heaven or hell. It

was all up to God. This is very similar to Islam which is not surprising because Muhammad was very influenced by the Jew's Torah, the Prophets, the Talmud, the Midrash and even some apocryphal works.

The Quran states: "Allah forgives whom he pleases and punishes whom he pleases for Allah has power over all things" surah 2:284 "Then those whose balance (of good deeds) is heavy, they will be successful. But those whose balance is light will be those who have lost their souls; in hell they will abide" surah 23:102-103

Muhammad departed from Judaism in many ways which led the Jews to reject his teachings. In particular, he departed from Judaism in calling for a violent propagation of Islam. In fact he called for the death of the unbelieving Jews. "Fight against them until there is no dissension and the religion is for Allah." surah 2:193

One sure way to get into heaven was to die a martyr. In Christianity, Jesus came to be our sin bearer and to die for us (Romans 3:24). He shed His blood so we did not have to. In Islam, Muhammad commanded his followers to shed their blood and the blood of others to get into heaven. "And if you are slain or die in the way of Allah, forgiveness and mercy from Allah are far better than all they could amass." surah 3:157

When a Christian lies on his deathbed, he does not have to weep not knowing if Jesus will take him to heaven or send him to hell. He does not have to kill others or die a martyr to have assurance of heaven. All he has to have done is call upon the name of Jesus to save him from his rightful destiny in hell and bear his sins and make him righteous in Him. "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13

We are saved by God's grace not our works. "For by grace you are saved through faith and that is not of yourselves, it is a gift of God not of works lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2:8-9

And we know that this is not to be forced upon anybody no matter what the Crusaders or Grand Inquisitors or New world Explorers thought. "Come unto me all who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28-30

And we know that this peace and this salvation only comes through the name of Jesus Christ-not Moses nor Muhammad nor Mary. "And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must be saved." Acts 4:12

We as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have that blessed assurance of eternal life with Him (John 5:24, 1John 5:13). We don't have to earn it or kill for it. All we have to do is to believe. It is so easy yet it is foolishness for those who are perishing (1Corinthians 1:18). We all need to pray that both the Muslims as well as the Jews have their eyes opened to the truth of Jesus Christ for this is the only way that they will ever be at peace with one another or with God.
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Verse of the Day

* * * Four Important Things To KNOW: #1) For ALL (Americans, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhist, Asians, Presbyterians, Europeans, Baptist, Brazilians, Mormons, Methodist, French, etc.) have sinned & fall short of the glory of God. #2) For the wages of above (see #1) are DEATH (Hell, eternal separation from God, & damnation) but the Gift (free & at no charge to you) of God (Creator, Jehovah, & Trinity) is Eternal Life (Heaven) through (in union with) Jesus Christ (God, Lord, 2nd Person of The Trinity, Messiah, Prince of Peace & Savior of the World). #3) For God so greatly loved & dearly prized the world (Americans, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhist, Asians, Presbyterians, Europeans, Baptist, Brazilians, Mormons, Methodist, French, etc.) that He even gave up His only begotten (unique) Son, that whosoever (anyone, anywhere, anytime - while still living) believes (trust in, relies on, clings to, depends completely on) Him shall have eternal (everlasting) life (heaven). #4) Jesus said: "I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH, & THE LIFE. No one (male/female - American, Muslim, Jew, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist, Asian, Presbyterian, European, Baptist, Brazilian, Mormons, Methodist, French, etc. ) comes (arrives) to the Father (with GOD in Heaven) EXCEPT BY (through) ME (no other name). *** This wonderful loving GOD gives you the choice - - - (Rev. 3:20) {Please note that church membership, baptism, doing good things, etc. are not requirements for becoming a Christian - however they are great afterwards!!!} *** Jesus said, "Wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction (Hell, damnation, eternal punishment), and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life (Heaven, eternal happiness, forever with God), and only a few find it.

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But these are written so that you may
believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the
Son of God, and that by believing in
Him you will have life. Jn 20:31

Seek the Lord while He may be found;
call on Him while He is near. Let the
wicked forsake his way and the evil
man his thoughts. Let him turn to the
Lord, and He will have mercy on him,
and to our God, for He will freely
pardon. "For My thoughts are not
your thoughts, neither are your ways
My ways," declares the Lord. "As the
heavens are higher than the earth, so
are My ways higher than your ways
and My thoughts than your thoughts.
As the rain and the snow come down
from heaven, and do not return to it
without watering the earth and making
it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed
for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is My word that goes out from My
mouth: It will not return to Me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire and
achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
You will go out in joy and be led forth
in peace; the mountains and hills will
burst into song before you, and all the
trees of the field will clap their hands.
Instead of the thornbush will grow the
pine tree, and instead of briers the myrtle
will grow. This will be for the Lord's
renown, for an everlasting sign, which
will not be destroyed." Is 55

O Lord, you have searched me and you
know me. You know when I sit and when
I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying
down; you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue you know
it completely, O Lord. You hem me in -
behind and before; you have laid your
hand upon me. Such knowledge is too
wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

Where can I go from your Spirit? Where
can I flee from your presence? If I go up
to the heavens, you are there; if I make
my bed in the depths, you are there.

If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.

If I say, "Surely the darkness will hide
me and the light become night around
me," even the darkness will not be dark
to you; the night will shine like the day,
for darkness is as light to you. For you
created my inmost being; you knit me
together in my mother's womb. I praise
you because I am fearfully and wonderfully
made; your works are wonderful, I know
that full well. My frame was not hidden
from you when I was made in the secret
place. When I was woven together in the
depths of the earth, your eyes saw my
unformed body. All the days ordained
for me were written in your book before
one of them came to be.

How precious to me are your thoughts,
O God! How vast is the sum of them!
Were I to count them, they would
outnumber the grains of sand. When
I awake, I am still with you. Search me,
O God, and know my heart; test me
and know my anxious thoughts. See
if there is any offensive way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting.
Ps 139

But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up,
that I may show My power in you, and that My
Name may be declared in all the earth. Ex 9:16

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of Glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small:
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.
- - Isaac Watts

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